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What is CAE and who need it?

Solid mechanics

  1. Crash-tests of cars
    Considering problems of engineering simulation (with consequent analysis and optimization)
    the first thing that go to mind is crash-tests of cars.
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  2. Deformation of an iron sheet under stamp
    One of the standard ways to produce parts from an iron sheet — is the stamping.
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  3. Static tensions of constructions
    In engineering calculations, it is important to analyze static tensions of construction.
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  4. Dynamic deformations
    Dynamic deformations are not less important than static deformations.
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Computational fluid dynamics (CFD)

  1. Distribution of pressure on the surface of an aircraft
    This sample devoted to situation, when geometry of the problem is rather complicated, while physics of the problems is rather simple.
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  2. Particle paths on the upper surface of a wing
    In this sample geometry is much simpler, but physics is more complicated.
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  3. Weather forecast
    In this sample geometry is very simple, but physics is very complicated.
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