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Short introduction first

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  1. What is CAE and who need it?
    In this section, we collected some samples of problems, where our Marlin Solver might be very efficient (and this is only a small part of all possible applications).
    The goal of this collection of samples is just to provide a feeling of what CAE is, and to demonstrate how wide might be the spectrum of possible applications for our solver.
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  2. What is PDE and who use it?
    In this section, we try to explain briefly what is PDE (partial derivative equations).
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  3. Grid methods - what is it?
    This section is a short introduction to grid methods that are typically used for solving PDE.
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  1. Marlin Solver in elliptic problems

    In this section, we discuss in more details numeric methods for solving elliptic PDE.
    Here you will learn what are the advantages of Marlin Solver comparing to the existing PDE solvers.
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