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What is Marlindeed?

  • Marlindeed is the newly born startup that is going to change the landscape of the CAE industry by launching our extremely efficient Marlin Solver.
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Why Marlin?

  • Black marlin is the fastest fish species - 129 km/h (80 mph) !!!
  • Our solver is the fastest among PDE-solvers, and we are ready to prove it soon.
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What are CAE and PDE?

  • CAE is computer-aided engineering.
    It is the software industry for engineering analysis and simulation.
  • PDE is partial derivative equations.
    PDE is the math instrumentation for CAE.
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What is Marlin Solver?

  • Marlin Solver is a PDE-solver to be used in CAE applications.
  • Marlin Solver is the real breakthrough in engineering analysis and simulation.
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